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Re-marketing Service

The world is a global marketplace where every item, no matter how remote or exotic, is available to the right buyer.


At Mint Valuation, we offer an expert understanding of, and ready access to, the worldwide market in jewellery. Should you require a broker or if you wish to sell your jewellery to us, we offer the right services to get your valuables sold efficiently and at their correct value.

At Mint Valuation, we have a thorough knowledge of the the worldwide market in jewellery, a global environment that enhances both the liquidity and the profitability of your valuables.


Most individuals are not able to navigate the marketplace and often require us to advise them on how best to sell their jewellery.

Feel free to get in touch with us and let us know what you wish to sell and we will provide you with an accurate valuation and advise you on how to get the best value for your items.

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