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Why Should I Get My Jewellery Valued?

Mint Valuation is a professional valuation service headed by Ms Myint-Myint Thein. We have been valuing jewellery around the world for over 20 years and are highly regarded by our clients for our excellence, professionalism and discretion.

For most of us, the valuables we own are great repositories of memory, reminding us of a moment in time that cannot be re-lived, only recalled. We understand that losing or damaging such sentimental items can be painful, and as a result, the financial value of the lost item can sometimes be overlooked. What’s more, many people are entirely unaware of the material worth of their jewellery. However, should you have to make an insurance claim, it is essential that you are aware of the true value of your piece – obtaining a professional insurance valuation is the best way to ensure that you can obtain compensation for the full value of your item.

Valuations are also vital for providing proof of ownership should you become a victim of crime. Police will often ask for an accurate replacement value figure, which can only be provided if you have an accurate and up-to-date valuation certificate. These certificates are only valid for three years, so it is important that you update them regularly.


Security and Peace of Mind

At Mint Valuation, we take our clients' concerns and their time very seriously. All valuations can be carried out either in the comfort of your home or at our premises at the London Diamond Bourse whilst you wait. There is no need to leave your jewellery with us, unless you want to.

Our report will follow within five working days complete with colour photographs of your jewellery and full descriptions including assessed stone weights, dimensions, details of any hallmarks, total weight and current value.

All completed reports are retained on a secure database free of charge, providing you with extra security and peace of mind. Mint Valuation & Consultancy is a member of the National Association of Jewellers and an Institute Registered Valuer and we encourage our clients to verify our credentials and reputation with the IRV.

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