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Beautiful diamond necklace retailed by Asprey (British luxury lifestyle brand). Set with an alternating pattern of larger white round brilliant cut diamonds and smaller diamonds set in 18 carat yellow gold and connected by a long flexible strong gold links. A luxuries necklace full of sparkles and reflection from the diamond facets which can be noticed from miles away. Could be able to wear as headpiece or tiara for special occasions. 33 x GIA certified and 1 x Anchor certified, round brilliant cut diamonds ranging from 0.61 carats to 3.01 carats, total weight 37.79 carats and from D to H colour and VVS2 to SI1 37 x Round brilliant cut diamonds, estimated total weight 3.70 carats

No. Weight Colour Clarity Certificate

1. 0.61ct D VVS2 GIA

2. 0.68ct E VVS2 GIA

3. 0.70ct E VS2 GIA

4. 0.73ct D VVS2 GIA

5. 0.79ct E VVS2 GIA

6. 0.84ct E VVS2 GIA

7. 0.90ct E VVS2 GIA

8. 0.91ct E VS2 GIA

9. 0.91ct E VVS2 GIA

10. 0.92ct E VS1 GIA

11. 0.94ct F VVS GIA

12. 0.94ct E SI1 GIA

13. 0.96ct D VVS2 GIA

14. 0.98ct E VS1 GIA

15. 0.99ct E VS1 GIA

16. 0.99ct E VS1 GIA

17. 1.00ct E VVS2 GIA

18. 1.00ct E VS1 GIA

19. 1.01ct F VVS2 GIA

20. 1.03ct E VS2 GIA

21. 1.07ct E VS2 GIA

22. 1.18ct D VS1 GIA

23. 1.19ct G SI1 GIA

24. 1.21ct E VS1 GIA

25. 1.27ct D VS1 GIA

26. 1.27ct G SI1 GIA

27. 1.28ct D VVS2 GIA

28. 1.33ct G VVS2 GIA

29. 1.35ct H VS1 GIA

30. 1.37ct F VS1 GIA

31. 1.40ct F SI1 ANCHOR

32. 1.46ct F VS2 GIA

33. 1.57ct E VS1 GIA

34. 3.01ct G VS2 GIA

Asprey, GIA Certified Round Big Diamond Riviera Line Necklace/Headpiece/Tiara

£300,000.00 Regular Price
£240,000.00Sale Price
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