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Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond three sone ring in 18 K white and yellow gold.

1 x Antique Cushion Cut Sapphire, Medium Strong Saturation Colour, Weight 2.291 Carats, SSEF Certificate, Natural Sapphire no indication of heating, Origin - Kashmir


There are several aspects that explain the appreciation for these sapphires. Firstly, there is their apparent beauty, composed of not only a vivid and well-saturated blue colour – poetically also described as cornflower blue – but also their slightly velvety appearance, which adds to the beauty of the colour of Kashmir sapphires. Secondly, there is a factor of rarity. The deposit near the village Sumjam on the southwestern slopes of the rugged Zanskar Range in Kashmir with its sapphires of high quality was only productive during a short period at the end of the 19th century. Therefore, supply in the market is nowadays very limited (Hughes 1997). Take these two factors and add the often adventurous historical accounts of the discovery and mining of sapphires together with the descriptions of the Maharajas’ fabulous gem collections from Kashmir.


  • Ring Size- 51.9 mm, Resizable


  • Metal - 18k Gold

  • Stone - Diamond, Sapphire

  • Stone Cut - Antique Cushion Cut

  • Weight - 3.5 g

  • Style - Art Deco

  • Lab Report Available

  • Place of Origin - Europe

  • Date of Manufacture - 1920s

SSEF Certified 2.2 Carat 1920s Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond Ring

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