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Unusual vintage ribbed design, linked 18ct yellow gold bracelet dating from the 1970s.


Made in France, this unique piece is studded either side with alternating round cut rubies, emeralds and sapphires of between 2.5-2.7mm. The polished, ribbed design accentuates the warm, yellow glow of the gold especially when reflected in lamplight or daylight. The coloured jewels add a playful touch. With tongue and groove clasp, stamps on the tongue.


No. links: 28

No. rubies: 9

No. emeralds: 10

No. sapphires: 9

Width of bracelet: approx. 2 cms

Length of bracelet: approx. 18cms


This is a one-off find for a girl about town and would look equally fantastic with a boucle or tweed jacket, shart suit or cocktail dress. With a satisfying weight, this hangs well on the wrist and looks a real vintage classic.

Vintage 18ct yellow gold 1970s French sapphire, ruby & emerald set bracelet

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