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A splendorous 1940s in the Art Deco style bracelet, handcrafted in platinum. It features a mixture of exceptionally high quality round and baguette-cut diamonds. Light up the room in this stunning bracelet that will be sure to have everyone complimenting you.

1 x baguette-cut diamond, approximate weight 1.20 cts

93 x round brilliant-cut diamonds and

172 x baguette-cut diamonds, approximate total weight 22.0 carats, assessed colour G to I, assessed Clarity VS/SI

Bracelet width graduated from 30 mm x 7 mm


Vintage brings the glamourous ‘Roaring Twenties’ to life with this dazzling design. Jewelry design radically changed after World War I. The delicate swags and bows of the Edwardian period were replaced with the strong, geometric style of Art Deco. The new paradigm was based on the art movements of Cubism, Futurism, and Neoplasticism in which squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles were juxtaposed or overlapped to create linear configurations. This style was translated into jewelry design with the creation of new forms and also with contrasting surface treatments utilizing a variety of stone cuts. Platinum was the preferred metal by the end of the 1920s; its whiteness complemented diamonds to give Art Deco jewelry settings vibrancy and interest.

At the beginning of the 1920s, bracelets were slender, but by the middle of the decade they were wide, a reflection of the new style of sleeveless dress which allowed the jewelry designer free rein to create jewelry to decorate the wrist and upper arm. Bracelets that had been accessories to fashion were now wearable art forms that demanded attention. The combination of Art Deco geometry and exotic influence elevates this bracelet to one of the best designs.


  • Metal - Platinum

  • Stone - Diamond

  • Stone Cut - Round Cut

  • Weight - 56.6 g

  • Dimensions - Length: 7.09 in. (180 mm)

  • Style - Art Deco

  • Place of Origin - United Kingdom

  • Period - 1940-1949

  • Condition - Excellent

Vintage/Retro/Art Deco, Diamond Cocktail Wide Bracelet Handcrafted in Platinum

£46,800.00 Regular Price
£39,600.00Sale Price
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