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Vintage, signet ring with hand engraved seal ring, with unidentified European Coat of Arms in 18-carat yellow gold. 

The original purpose of the signet ring was more than just a fashion choice or to highlight one’s societal standing. The signet ring, as the name suggests, would have a signifying symbol engraving which nobles would use for identification reasons.
As far as back as Middle Ages, the little finger, or pinkie as it’s widely known, is where the signet ring was worn. Again, this wasn’t for stylistic purpose – it was easier to show the ring for confirmation and authentication, our current equivalent to a signature and the various security questions we recite daily. The signet ring would have a family crest on the face to emboss into wax, creating a wax-seal for royal announcements, legal documents, or to authenticate correspondence. 

Vintage, Signet Seal Ring with Unidentified European Coat of Arms in 18 K Gold

£3,100.00 Regular Price
£2,825.00Sale Price
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